The Ritual Space

You enter the group ritual space. If you wish to go have a private ritual please do so. Some people prefer performing rituals by themselves in whichever location they wish.

During extreme bad weather the Group Ritual Space is inside a 200 year old barn. In good weather its a circle in an open area.

In the center there is an Altar set up by the High Pristess or Priest. Depending on the Ritual there might be benches on blankets set up on the ground around the circle.

"Merry Meet. Please join in our Ritual."

Please help me fill in these spaces. Send me your favorite Ritual and Spell at

High Holidays

All the Major and Minor holidays we celebrate.


These are the other rituals we perform like Birth, Death, Hand Binding and so many more.
The Summerland Ritualby Lee
Separation/Burning Ritualby Pagan Owl
Cleansing Bathby Hornet
Breaking Free From Unknown Pastby Pagan Owl

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