Summerland Ritual

by Lee

The Altar:

- Black altar cloth
- Pictures or Momemto of the diseased
- White flowers
- Lit God and Goddess candle (Silver and Gold)
- Sweet-smelling incense (which represents the soul)
- Talking stick or wand
- Candle for the departed (White)


- Beginning in the west -


Guardian of the land of the Dead, the isle of sleep,
Open a gate amd guide the one known as __________ to this place safely.
Let his/her spirit flow gently on your waves.


Guardian of the Earth Plane, where the living dwell,
Allow __________'s spirit to walk among us for a moment.
Tether it with love to this sacred space.


Guardian of the Air, on which spirits fly,
Lift __________ to us, let him/her come on your warm breath
to hear our parting words.


Guardian of the Living Fires, that kindle our soul,
Give __________ the energy to share with us this last moment
before his/her spirit returns to your hearth."


"Dark Lady, Lord of Death, open a gate that _____________ Might enter this sacred space. Let him/her dance with us once more: Let us hold his/her energy close for this moment between the worlds."


- Have everyone join hands around the circle -

"Visualize this circle, and where you stand right now, as filled with shimmering silver-white light. It sparkles and dances with life and magic. Feel it all around you, warming your skin, energizing your spirit. Let this power wash away your sadness, your grief, and replace it with peace....

.... Now, at the western point of the circle, envision the form of _________ This is not his/her earthly form, but spiritual essence. It moves toward us slowly, stepping through the barrier to join us in the circle. Sense this spirit as it mingles with your own."

(Light the Sweet-Smelling Incense that represent his/her soul)

"The aroma of __________'s being is among us, celebrating its release and joining in this last circle of Magic, the circle of rebirth."


"We are gathered here to remember one whose spirit will be sorely missed. While we grieve our loss, we rejoice in the freedom and new beginning this represents for ___________. "

(The pristess or priest hands over the talking stick to one of the people that knew him or her then the stick is passed on to the next until everybody as said what this person meant to them. Each person speaks freely. If anybody in the room did not know this person then they should skip.)

"What thoughts will you share about _________?"

(Once this person is done the Pristess or Priest hands over the talking stick to next person.)

Closing the Circle:

(Saying goodbye and a prayer.)

"Now good friends, we say goodbye. Let your spirit fly free from this mortal realm. Have no fear; we will be well. Join your fellows in Summerland; let your spirit rest and refresh. And when the time comes, return to this world in a new, healthy body that will allow your quest for union with the One to continue."

(The Pristess blows out the individual's candle.)

Great Lord and Lady; we commit ____________ into your gentle care. Watch well his/her soul until it is reborn. Powers of the Four (4) elements, as you depart from this place, help those of us here who grieve to heal and hope and remember. The Wheel has turned once more, and will yet again. So mote it be."

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