Cleansing Bath

Sent by Hornet
Use essential oil or herbs or mineral salts (any that you normally use) into the bath water use just a little so not to overwhelm the senses turn off lights and use candles while soaking, think about the ritual or magic you are working meditating in the bath can be a powerful and gentle way to connect with the deity.

Let the water soothe you so you feel nurtured…soft music can be played in the background As you step out, let go of negativity…Imagine that it has stayed in the water and you let it flow down the drain. You will be clean physically and mentally. Put on a clean robe, or remain nude.

After you have made your sacred circle (going clockwise, place salt or stones in the north, incense in the east, water in the west and a candle in the south for fire) Smudge yourself and enter the circle. It is best to start from the north, and walk clockwise.

To consecrate the quarters, say (starting at North)

“Oh, element of earth, may all negative energies depart and only positive energies remain. This is my will, so mote it be.”

As you say this draw a banishing pentagram in the air over the salt.

At the West, say

“O element of water, may all negative energies depart and only positive energies remain. This is my will, so mote it be.”

Continue to do this in the east and South quarters.

Once you have consecrated the elements , take three measures of salt and put them in some water, saying “one to purify the body, one to purify the mind, and one to purify the heart. The spirit will bind them all as one.”

Meditate on the matter that concerns you and feel the negativity and fears leaving, picture them going down into the ground… the salt will prevent them from returning unless you so allow. Keep a positive focus, breathe deeply and feel the positive energies enter your body, picture a white light entering the top of your head. Chant if it helps. when you feel the time has come, return to the north altar and thank the elements and say “leave in perfect love and trust” and continue as before at each quarter, repeating the words.

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