Upper Canada Pagan Gathering

Upper Canada Pagan Gathering/Festival Paien du Haut Canada


May Long Weekend/Long Fin De Semain en mai

Vendors Page

All Vendors are more than welcome to come and set up at UCPG.
There is no extra cost for vendors. You must pay your normal fest fees like the rest of the participants because we get charged per person per night.

A donation (item or gift certificate) may be asked for door prizes and bardic competition.

You do not have to make this donation but they would be greatly appreciated.

Please come back soon and see what as come about.

Here is a list of Vendors.

  • Pagan Owl Nest: Items: Sarongs & Crystals

  • Brigid's Balm

    soap... all-natural, scented and unscented, completely biodegradable goat milk soap. no synthetics or dyes added. made by phase of the moon. also lip balms, body lotion, massage oils, consecrating/annointing/ blessing oils. scented products contain pure essential oils only.

  • Earthworks Designs

    "All of my jewellery is handcrafted with care and precision for years of enjoyment. Many pieces include hand-cut and carved gemstones in their design. Custom work is welcomed from those who want or need something specific for themselves. I feel that many diverse areas and eras have each brought their own interpretations to the Celtic style. Constant are the rhythmic, flowing, and organic undertones; a spiritual and yet ever-changing cord that extends from the distant past to the present. Today, I continue that tradition, designing with an eye to sinuous lines, tactile depth and sensuality, creating pieces that display the sophistication of the present, while retaining the grace and beauty of our past. " Shannon Dobbs


  • The Leathersmith
    Gregory Smith, Canada's only true leathersmith, has been working with leather for over 30 years. He studied in Erie and has been trying to develop his Celtic roots. He has spent the past few years (11) teaching and doing custom work.

    Here are some suggestions, WORKSHOPS,

  • Beginner leathercraft workshop. Custom make a variety of items. Learn the history and variety of leathercrafts. Intermediate and advanced classes available if pre-booked. $20.00
  • Children's workshops- take 5 minutes at the top of each hour. $2.00
  • Rune making- Emboss runes onto leather including making a pouch to carry them. $25.00
  • Pouches- Custom made to carry your treasures. $10.00 to $30.00


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