Upper Canada Pagan Gathering/Festival Paien du Haut Canada


May Long Weekend/Long Fin De Semain en mai


The organizers of UCPG are committed to ensuring the Festival provides a safe space for children and adults to relax, get the Cob Webs out and generally have fun.

Toward this, and in recognition of the fact that there are many different standards and comfort levels with respect to certain kinds of behavior, we believe it is important that everyone attending the UCPG is provided with the following information before registering.

We believe that nudity is not something to be ashamed of nor is it a sexual act. The human body is beautiful and natural. However, comfort levels with respect to nudity vary widely in the larger community. Use common sense when it comes down to clothing optional (nude/skyclad) areas on the site. Sexually aggressive behavior will NOT be tolerated. If you are new to any festival, behave like a polite stranger with everyone; whether they are clothed or not.

To ensure a pleasant experience, we need your full cooperation with respect to the following common-sense rules:

UCPG is a private festival. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone that we perceive to be a potential problem. Further, anyone who, in the opinion of the organizers, has broken the rules of this festival (as are listed below) or is otherwise perceived to be a source of disturbance to the UCPG

Festival community, will be required to leave the Festival without refund. We are committed to ensuring we have a safe place for healing to occur and community to grow.

2. This festival is subject to all laws of Canada and the province of Ontario.

3. Fireworks: There will be a fireworks display on Sunday Evening for Victoria Day. Anybody wishing to contribute to the fireworks display can bring Store Bought fireworks. (No Home Made Fireworks permitted) These will be handed over to security for them to set up & display.

4. No firearms, bows, slingshots or other forms of projectile weapons allowed on-site.

5. Parents are responsible for the safety and whereabouts of their children at all times.

6. Individual Campsite Fires are allowed in the spaces provided by the campground. Make sure that your fires are supervised at all times.

7. Pool and Lake access is restricted as follows: The pool is open from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM daily. Please respect the owners request and stay out of the pool outside of the authorized times. The lake is open. Please use your judgment and be safe. (no unsupervised children, drinking and water does not mix.)

8. No glass bottles around the main fire pit. (Dancing Feet & Broken Glass don’t mix!!!) Transfer beverages from glass bottles to unbreakable containers before bringing them to the main fire pit.

9. No one is permitted to cut any part of a living tree, bush or shrub.

10. UCPG Firmly enforces WicCan Fest rule #10 “No sexually aggressive or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated on the site.” and Kaleidoscope Gathering rule #4: “There will be a Zero Tolerance of all unwanted aggressive and inappropriate sexual behavior.” If you do not fully understand what is meant by this or any other rule, then it is your responsibility to ask festival staff before you register.

11. Nudity/Skyclad: Use Common Sense when it comes to wandering anywhere else on the Festival site nude/skyclad other than the Beach and around the fire at night time. There is no Skyclad at the Pool.

12. Overtly sexual behavior is not acceptable in public areas.

13. No one is permitted to photograph or electronically capture images of anyone else without their expressed permission. Failure to comply with this can result in confiscation of your photographic/video equipment.

14. No one is permitted to use soap/shampoo of any kind in the lake. There are showers provided for bathing. Shower Rules are posted at the showers. Please be courteous and observe them.

15. Persons under nineteen must be accompanied to the festival by a parent or guardian. Teens Group must have Parental Consent Forms signed and checked in.

16. No boats, canoes, inflatable rafts, etc. allowed on the lake.

17. Please use good judgment when drinking. Security will handle any cases where the person does not use good judgment.

18. No pets are allowed on site – guide dogs accepted.

19. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside any of the buildings on-site. While outside, please use the butt cans provided or carry your own.

20. Take your garbage and recycling home.

21. If you have been banned from other festivals such as WicCan Fest, Harvest Fest, Kaleidoscope, Spirits of the Earth Fest, and Infest you are also banned from this festival. There are no exceptions.

22. We invite you to help us promote a spirit of interfaith tolerance by respecting everyone’s right to believe in what they will. We will not tolerate anyone denigrating another’s religion/spiritual beliefs.

23. UCPG welcomes musicians; however, no electrically amplified instruments or Radio are to be played on the site. Respect others that are there for peace and quiet.

For more information contact us at ucpagangathering@yahoo.ca.

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