elcome to my Asatru Page.

On this page you will find links to all the Asatru Information I have gathered so far. Some was written by me and others who gave me permission to either copy or link to their info.

My Pagan Path forked drastically a few years back and now find myself a follower of Asatru. This does involve alot of studying including Futhark Runes, Eddas, Sagas and doing other work.

Instead of a table of content you will now find the list under each page.

Enjoy these links and let me know if you have more info to add.

Pagan Owl

Asatru Information

1. Aesirs
2. FUTHARK Runes
3. Gods/Goddesses Halls
4. Nine Noble Virtues
5. Seidhr, Seers Work
6. Vanir's
7. Why Am I A heathen?
8. Jötnar