Vanir Family Tree

Njordr (Old Norse Njrr) is one of the Vanir and the god of wind, fertile land along the seacoast, as well as seamanship, sailing and fishing. The prose Edda says he has the power to calm the sea or fire.

His wife was, according to the Heimskringla, his own sister and lover. Apparently the Vanir, unlike the sir, had the custom of consanguineous marriage.

Vanaheimr is the home of the Vanir.

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  • Niord (the father of the gods of Vanir)
  • Mother: Giantess Skai (Snow?) Skai is a mountain giantess, She is also called ndurgo and ndurds, "Ski Goddess". She was venerated as a goddess of the hunt, and rivalled the goddesses Frigg and Freyja in terms of significance and popularity; however, she seems to have faded into the background during the progression of Scandinavian beliefs, and little of her survives in lore or artefact.
  • Nerthus, Germanic fertility goddess. She may have been the sister of Njord and the mother of his children, Freyr and Freyja.

  • Sveigder
  • Delling - God of twilight (Dawn)
  • Consort: Giantess Ntt - Goddess of night, daughter of Narvi.
  • Mundilfari (or Mundilfri)
  • Consort: Glaur
  • Mmir (Mime) - inns uncle. primal god of Norse mythology who was renowned for his knowledge and wisdom. Mmir was also Hnir's chief advisor after he became a ruler of the Vanir.
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