Seidhr Is!

By Yngona Desmond
This was published in Yngona Desmond 360. I taught it was so well written that I ask to copy this here. With her permission here is her taughts.

AKA Pagan Owl

"Seidhr Is!

Seidhr is the secret of ages, revealed only to those who free it from the dogma and strappings of utlander beliefs.

Seidhr is spiritual liberation.

Seidhr does offer a series of initiations, to those who respect it. Fetters to those who fill it with Wicca and new age practices.

There is no sexual horned god or some voluptuous (fat) goddess, there is no 'perfect love and perfect trust', nor a white light or sprinkle of salt that will destroy all evil.

Seidhr is fear and darkness, dangerous and life-threatening - and through these jagged and angular paradigms the would-be seidhu must travel. Past hordes of entities who care nothing for their life and who relentless keep them from initiation and ascent.

Marry Your Brothers! Sacrifice the Bull! Seek the Blue Mountains!

Circle the Fire with Stones! Draw the Staves in Red and Black!

Sing to Sunna every Morning, She is the Enlivener! Sing to Mani every Night - He is the Benefactor!

Let the Serpent Spiral Through You! Roam the Forest, Know the Wild Things! Know the Tree to have Forked Branches! When Death comes, Release Your Life's Blood into a Stream!

Charge the Boar!, Charge the Bear!, face these Challenges Head-On! Let the Sacrifice Wear the Bell!

Draw the Star with Seven-points and One-line! Fear the Scorpion! Keep the Black Book! Rush Towards the Wastelands, the Deep House of Knowledge! Be not Cattle, but the Sacrificer! Know Six Times Sixty, but Hold Sacred the Five! XOHOX!

To Know these things - and far more - is to manipulate the threads of all worlds; to operate IN seidhr and reap the rewards!

"I go farther inward speaking, what more sensibility do you need?"
Voluspa 34, Desmond Translation

Seidh Deliberately!

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