J÷tnar Family Tree

AKA Giants

I was debating adding the J÷tnar Tree to this list then I realized it might be of significance to those researching. Just like all the other family trees in Norse Mythology it does get a bit confusing.

This is a primeval races associated with chaos and the wild nature, and they are frequently in conflict with the gods.

I am just starting on this (Nov. 26,2006) so if you have more to add please let me know.

  • Giant Hymir
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Ůjazi (anglicized as Thjazi or Thiazi)
  • Mother: Giantess Ska­i (Snow?) Ska­i is a mountain giantess, She is also called ÷ndurgo­ and ÷ndurdÝs, "Ski Goddess". She was venerated as a goddess of the hunt, and rivalled the goddesses Frigg and Freyja in terms of significance and popularity; however, she seems to have faded into the background during the progression of Scandinavian beliefs, and little of her survives in lore or artefact.
  • Giants Fßrbauti
  • Mother: Giantess Laufey
  • Giantess Grid
  • Father: Odin
  • Giant Gymir
  • Consort: Giantesse Aurbo­a
  • Giantess Ger­r
  • Father: Frey (Vanir)
  • Giant Fornjˇt, Fornjˇtr (Old Norse). He is an ancient giant in Norse mythology.
  • Consort: Giantesse UnknownUnknown Parents
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