My Thoughts of the Gods & Goddesses

by Pagan Owl January 23rd 2003

My Past:

To know where my thoughts start you must understand a bit about my past. I was born and raised Roman Catholic (Seems to be a lot of pagans which come from this past.). At a young age I wanted to be a priest. When I discovered girls that concept changed very quickly.

At about 14 I lost my religion but never lost my spirituality. I always believed there were Gods or Goddesses but I believed they lived within every one of us. This would be demonstrated in the way we treat other people. For these reasons I acted accordingly and tried to help others in which ever way I could.

My thoughts of Gods and Goddesses:

I still believe today that there are Gods and Goddesses. I believe they watch over us. (Ask Hermies (Messenger of the Gods, heck he moves and delivers. As far as I am concerned he is the God of Transport.) next time you need help finding a parking spot.)

I do not believe that if I do not do things the way they strictly proclaim that I will not go to heaven and will go to hell. For one thing I do not believe in hell and for another heaven to me is being with friends and family and living a life of happiness and joy. Keep in mind I do not believe in achieving his joy at the expense of others.


I always believed and still do today that I am responsible for my own actions. If I treat people right then I would get back what I put in. Now that I am on the Shamanistic Path and part of the Pagan Faith I find that applies even more. These things usually come back to me three folds or more.

Native beliefs and Totem Animals:

I believe in Mother Earth and the Great Creator. I believe that all they have created from rocks to animals are put on this earth to guide and sustain us. I believe in preserving Mother Earth and giving thanks to the Great Creator for all they do for us.

Aboriginal People beliefs vary from place to place. On the west coast they tend to believe that an entire tribe is watched over and protected by certain animals. They take on the name of the animal.

Others believe like myself that you may have one or more totem animals to guide you on your journey. I have two main totem animals, the Owl and the Bear. To find out more about my totems see the Totems Page. I believe that other animals will enter my life. Some will stay while others may journey with me for a while until I have found what that totem was sent to teach me.


I believe in Gods and Goddesses in whichever form people wish to see them. I am open to new ideas and ways of seeing things. The biggest underline for me is whatever Gods or Goddesses you decide to choose you must act accordingly for the benefit of not just the pagan community but also for the benefit of the world community as well.

If there is a heaven, Val Halla, Summerland or whatever you decide to call it. I think all our actions in this life will have an affect in all future lives either on earth or elsewhere.

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