Choosing My Totems

Not everybody chooses Totem Animals as guides. It all depends on your taste and what you want to practice. I am eclectic at heart but I have a huge interest in Aboriginal History and Beliefs. This would come from having Metis Background in me.

I like to say I chose my Totem Animals but its more that they chose me.

According to some Aboriginal Beliefs you may have many Totems at different times of your life. You always have Two at least with you at any time.

Your Right side is your Male Side. Your Protector and your Strength. Ladies don't use the next part against me. ;-))

Your Left side is your Feminine side. Its your Emotional and Intellectual side. (this does not mean that males don't think).

The male side for me was very easy. I have always had a fondness for bears and whenever I would go to the woods either on exercise with the army or for pleasure there always seemed to be bears showing up to greet me.

My female side I had no idea what it might be. After my first Ritual I dropped off my friends and I was pondering this fact driving home. I was living at the time near Orleans and travelled the country roads home. I suddenly had to stop the car as there was a Huge Bird in front of me. It took me a few seconds to recongnize this as being a Snowy Owl standing on a carcass.

I sat in amazement at this beautiful creature staring back at me with those amazing eyes. He stood there looking back at me for about 5 minutes as though to say... "Hello this is a hint!!!" ...

I immediately took the hint. I was enchanted by this beautifull creature in front of me.

He had already won my heart by the time he took off towards the left of my windshield and veered suddenly back towards my car. He flew overhead and his wingspan covered my vision from end to end.

So that was the way I received the Snowy Owl and the Bear as my Totems.

Please Click on the photos to see the full size of these pics. Below is a link to 2 Other Snowy Owl Pics. This might take a few minutes to download depending upon your connection speed.

Owl on Branch
Owl on Snow

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