Chief Whippoorwill Prayer

This is Chief Whippoorwill favorite prayer.

(phonetically) to be done looking upward and facing east

Key-shay-la-min Oh, Gitshe Manator Creator Oh, Great Creator
Gu-ta-mak-ton-hay I speak humbly
Kin-knee-ka-he-man e-la-man Watch over us
Tin-gunda-wakan will-le-knee-o-knee-can Give us your blessing
Wha-knee-she, Wha-knee-she, Wa-knee-she Na-ka Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Father
Wha-knee-she, Nu-ka-tay, Guta-mak-ton-nack. Thank you, Dear Father, I have spoken.

Chief Bill "Whippoorwill"Thompson
Chief of the Unalachigo (Wild Turkey)
clan of the Lenni-Lenape

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