You enter a high room with a high ceiling.

In this room you find a desk with some papers, files and photos scattered all over it. Above the desk is two old familly photos. These are my descendants. One is in Nova Scotia and seem to have French (Acadien) and Metis background. The other seem to be of a very large familly on a farm.

Against the wall are shelves filled with trinkets which were gathered for years. If you look closely on these shelves you will find an Owls Feather and bear claw. Medals of Service in the Canadian Army. Some dating back to WW2 and others more recent.

Also on some of these you will see photo and photo albums, Scrap books with pieces of history. You notice that this is my familly history. It is very vague and seems to have many missing links still.

From what you can tell, from looking around the room, is that I have French Acadien and Metis Background in my familly. And also that our Family is spread out accross Canada, France and and United States including Cajun's

Look around this room and look at what information I have gathered so far on my Background.

Seriously I am Metis Background (part French part Native) I don't even know what to call myself. White, Indian, Native or Aboriginal. I will stick to the words I am use to which is Canadian of French Descent.

To Visit and get information on both of my sides Click on the door below.

My Castle Home