OK what can I tell you about my French Side.

I do not know much about my Dads side of the Family but there is definately French in there. My Mother side is what we are researching the most right now.

On my Mother's side my Grand-Mother was from Nova Scotia (Acadien & Metis) and my Grand-Father was from Quebec somewhere. So this makes me Canadian of French descent.

When I found my Spirituality I asked a friend if there was any old religions in France like in Celts etc.

Sounds silly now but I wanted to know and at that time nothing seem to click in place.

My friend said... "Obelix and Asterix" I asked him "As in the Cartoons?" He said "Yes they were Gaulois (Gauls)" and everything clicked in. Suddenly the Cartoon Characters from my youth and books I read were based on the Gauls which are part of the Celts.

I will devote this page to any information I can discover about the Gaulois (Gauls) and share it with you. If you have more info to add please send it to me at paganowl1967@yahoo.com.

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