OK this is about as screwed up that it can become.

I was conceived in 1966 out of Wedlock. I was born in April 1967. My parents being old school decided to give me the family name of my mothers first husband. This Family name is Ladouceur. He, my moms first husband, is Native Descent of the Montagnais Tribe.

Are you following me so far...?

I thought my affinity for Nature and Animals was just a coincidence. I believed this because I had no known Native Blood in me.

When I rediscovered my Spirituality and started looking into Earth Based religions I was informed by my sister of a Discovery she had made.

My sister discovered that my Grand-Mother was not only French Acadien but was also connected to the Mic-Mac Tribe in Nova Scotia.

So now I know I have Metis (part French part Native) Background in my family.

Look around this room and look at what information I have gathered so far on my Background.

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General Information
Native in the News
Native Legends & Stories

I recently discovered that the Shamans Path as been calling me for years. Now with my heart and soul I will follow this path. To learn more about this path click HERE

General Information

The North American Experiment History of Native Americans.
The Eagle Feather
Dance to Heal the Earth
Apache Wedding Blessing
Chief Whippoorwill Prayer Unalachigo clan, Lenni-Lenape
Elder's Meditation of the day White Bison Site **
Hopi Elders Speak
The Talking Tree by Sam Silverhawk **
Miracle, The Sacred White Buffalo **

Native in the News

Metis Nation of Ontario
Solved: Ottawa's greatest archeological mystery May 19th 2002
* How Ottawa's history took a wrong turn May 19th 2002

Native Legends

How Coyote Stole Fire Sent by Jag
Warriors of the Rainbow by Lelanie Stone

The Ancestors Native index