I have been giving Massages for most of my life.

The only problem with me doing this is that I was taking on some of the aches and pains of the people I was doing the massage to.

To avoid taking that on I decided to start learning about shielding and alternative healing teckniques.

It was suggested to me that I learn about Reiki and get Attuned. I did this and what a change this as made in my life. I was told to expect changes but never realized how great they would be.

I am still pretty new to Reiki and like Shamanism it's a learning process.

I have natural healing hands (so I have been told). One of the problems with this is that I was taking on whatever ailment the person I was massaging happens to have. For this reason I wanted to learn how to shield and protect myself.

I received my Reiki (1) Attunement in 2002 and since then have expanded my knowledge of it. Surprisingly I received more than I had originally hoped to accomplish. Not only did I learn how to shield myself better but also learned how to use my natural gifts better and in many more ways.

I was told to expect changes in my life after the Attunement but never expected this much. I have now begun on this life long journey to help people in healing and that as now expanded from Massage to Reiki and now to learning Shamanism. In all it was the path that chose me and now I realize that all my life I have been on this path. I just did not realize it. Suddenly I do not belong to me but I am at the service of the community. I respect the path I have chosen and hope I will be able to honor all those who have come before me.

If you have some information, links or any other information you would like to share with me please contact me at paganowl1967@yahoo.com

Pagan Owl.

This page will be divided in many sections. Be patient as I work on this project.

  1. Groups I belong to.
  2. Basics of Reiki.
  3. More to come
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