The Healing Room

This is a pretty large room. In the middle of it there is a Massage table. You notice this table has sterile & very clean sheets on it.

Over the table in bold print is my healing Pledge to the community.

Oils and incense fill the room with a gentle smell. Relaxing and Soothing is the atmosphere in this room.

Some candles are burning all around the room. There is soft soothing music playing on the stereo system.

Against one of the walls are Reiki Books I read to further my knowledge. On another wall there is my Reiki One Attunement certificate. Also a calendar with dates for the next classes I intend to take.

If you wish to learn about Reiki or other Healing information go look at the books. Reiki and Me

In this section you will find
  1. Reiki Groups I belong to.
  2. Basics of Reiki.
  3. More to come.

If you wish to learn about the Shamans Path then review the information I started to assemble. Go to Shamans Path

In this section you will find
  1. Natural Remedies and Cures.
  2. Plants and their uses.
  3. More to come.

My Castle Home