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I am Jean-Marc AKA Pagan Owl.

I was born on Loki Day (No Really) I was born April 1st 1967 in Ottawa. I was raised and now have returned to live in that city.

I spent 13 Ĺ years in the Canadian Armed Forces and travelled East from Ottawa to the Maritimes but never made it out West..

I returned from living in the States for 2 years in 2000 very happy to be back in Canada.

Since I joined the Ottawa Pagan Community I have seen itís bad side but mostly look at all the positive this Pagan Community as to offer. For this reason I created the Ottawa Pagan Conference and worked very hard to help this community in General. I have volunteered to help many other groups, organizations and events in the past 5 years. This included an Idea Lee had called the Ottawa Pagan Peer group. (OPPG)

I host under the umbrella name of Upper Canada Pagan Gathering (UCPG) a Menís retreat and a Festival called Midgard. I also co-host a Yule Overnight Vigil. For more information about the UCPG events visit our web page at...

Lately I found myself needing more than what I was getting and decided to take a step back and work on my spirituality. I also started concentrating on a smaller group of friends around me.

Then came complaints that I had isolated myself a bit too much from some friends so I decided to start pulling out of my isolation a bit. I created the Pagan Information Centre (Canada).

I took Lee's Local Idea (OPPG) one step further and decided to create the Canadian Pagan Peer Network (CPPN). I figured if the OPPG was such a useful tool for Ottawa many other communities could benefit from a similar system of Peers.

So this bring me to where I am today. I started the CPPN and sent out feeders. Now I realize that I am not the only one that considers this to be a great asset for different communities. The idea as taken off and as I write this there are over 15 lists of Pagan Peers and more are added everyday.

Now my job is to make sure all these Lists are linked and kept updated. The only list I Run myself is the list for people that do not have a Local List in their area. I called this the Rural/No List Peers.

Well that is about it for me.

Please come join this effort as this as been proving indispensable for new members of these community.

If you need to contact me concerning the CPPN please do so at

Some of my links of Interest...
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