The Altar & Spell Room

You enter this room. It is set up for Spell Casting and houses My Altar.

In the center of the Altar you see a Pentacle. To the top of that there is two candles. One is Silver and the other one Gold colour. These are the candles for the Goddess and God. At the bottom of it you see a charcoal incense burner. It is still smoking lightly giving a woodsy smell to the room. The is also a brass bowl for water and one with some earth in it. This coveres all four elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

To the right of this you see a few photos including the ones of my Grand Parents. In front of each is a white candle. These are departed friends and family. The white candles I lite when ever memories of them come to me.

To the left of the Pentacle is an Eagle Feather on a wooden rack which was given to me. a few statuettes of Bears and Owls which were also gifts. Behind these is a round candle holder with round mounted metal pieces with an arrow that points East. There is a short stubby candle in this holder.

There is a couch to one side of the room. On the other side you see a podium with a huge grey book. This is my Book Of Shadows (B.O.S.). In other words my book of spells.

To read the different spells in my book click on the spell link below.

NameDescriptionDate AddedSent By
Cord Spell Achieve objectives and
get rid of Obstacles.
Dec. 19th 2002 Hornet
Broom Blessing To Bless your broom. Dec. 19th 2002 Ameasha
Protection Spell Used for protection
from outside influences.
Dec. 19th 2002 Ameasha
Stability Spell Used for creating some
stability in you life.
May 10, 2007 Danica & Pagan Owl
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