Animal Totem Meditation

by Pagan Owl

Do NOT do this when you are tired because sleep will find you very quickly. Trust me, I use it when I am tired and bothered with thoughts also as a sleeping aid. Then I do not travel to look for things but simply for the pleasure of flying.


Go in a room where you will not be disturbed. Disconnect the phone, gag the kids and make sure that nothing can disturb you.

Light a candle and incense if you wish. Make sure that the room is ventilated so the incense etc will not give you a headache.

At this point lay down and start relaxing. Start with your finger tips and toes and move slowly up your legs and arms. Relax your back and feel every muscle relax from your toes to your head.

I always like having somebody else run me through the meditations. I believe it's better for somebody with a monotone easy soft voice to be your guide in and out. Somebody you trust, obviously.


I always preferred to start people in the room and in the Meditation walk them out to a place they can visualize. For example if I am doing the Owl Meditation I end up at a cliff. For Totem finding we end up in a clearing with multiple paths, trails and a water source.

"Relax your extremities, toes and fingers and the tips of your hair. Breath normally, (I find deep breaths simply send too much Oxygen to my blood and I canít relax.) Relax up from your extremities until every part of your body is relaxed."

"Imagine yourself standing up from the _________ (couch, bed, whatever). You walk through the doors of your house. There is a pathway running from your backyard (behind your building etc.) that leads into the woods. You walk towards it."

"The path winds down through woods, up and down hills, the trees now get thicker, more dense. They now start opening up and becoming less thick." (The longer you make the walking down the path the deeper the person will go into trance I find.)

"You walk into a clearing. To your right is an Elder with a drum. (may be any kind of instrument that you wish.) To your front is a second Elder putting evergreen branches on a fire sending huge puffs of white smoke up to the sky. You know you will find your way back here when the time comes by following the smoke. To your left is a Third Elder beside a well. Walk towards him. Insert your troubles and anything else that might distract you from your meditation and put it in the well. If they try to come out, close the lid and seal it shut. You notice behind him is a large creek."

(This may be a box with lock and key if you wish to be environmentally friendly. Don't laugh, somebody was disturbed through her entire meditation because she felt her problems were polluting the environment.)

"Stand by any of the Elders and wait." Some people talk to the Elders. Others see the Elders pointing towards a trail. The most common one is people wait and animals come out of the woods, air, water and come to them. "Do not choose the first animal that comes to you, but instead wait and you will know which chooses you. Look at the way it looks, acts, moves etc. Eventually change yourself into its form one inch at a time. This is not painful at all.

Once the transformation is over then follow your chosen and they will teach you how to see things as they do."

Coming Home:

"When about 20-30 minutes is over (the first time) then look towards the smoke and go back there. Change back, thank the Animals for choosing you, and thank the Elders. Offering Tobacco to native Elders is always appreciated then start walking back."

Reverse the path to your home.

Slowly come out of Meditation. Start slowly moving your fingers and toes until you have returned circulation to your entire body. Write down what you felt, observed and found out.


Write back to me and let me know if you succeeded.

I am not a Meditation expert but simply sharing what I have done and tried before. I am always looking for new ideas for Meditation. Some people did not succeed but the majority did. Some ended up taking the drum after talking to the drummer for 30 minutes. Some people met their ancestors coming out of the woods and becoming their guides. Itís amazing the different responses but the Majority met animal guides.

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