My Kitchen

Appetizers/Soups 1 Main Meals 1
Dessert 4 Beverage 3
Ritual Foods 0 Miscellaneous 0

You enter to large brightly lit up room. The smell of Cooking and spice and herbs fill this room.

Against one wall is a large window with a double sink under it. There are spices hanging down from the ceiling and also a very huge spice rack. There is a counter on either side of the sink.

There are some cupboards here and also wall mounted Alter to the Goddess Cafina (a coffee machine) and also a wall mounted Microwave oven and a toaster.

One wall is filled with Cupboards from wall to wall and a huge counter where the preparation is done. You notice wall mounted kitchen knives and cutting boards.

The Fridge, Stove and Dishwasher (its my Fantasy castle and I can have a dishwasher if I want one!!) is on the right wall.

Well placed with plenty of space to move around is a Kitchen Island in the middle of the room. Hanging from hooks are pots, pans, wisps and other kitchen implements. There are a few cooking books on a shelf in this island.

I am not a Kitchen Witch. I do like sharing recipes I get with friends in the hopes that I will get to try the finish product. Please have a look at the cookbooks and send some finished samples my way. If you wish to add your own recipes to the book please send them to me.

I have just renovated the kitchen and I still don't have all the cook books in here yet. Please be patient as I enter the recipes in here.

My Castle Home