These are some of the poems written by my friends. I have copied them here with their permission. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Pagan Owl

Spiral by Serina Magick November 7th 2001
Walk With Meby Serina Magick Monday Dec. 31st 2001
Come unto me by Willow Mist
Thanks Given by Lee
Kaleidoscope By LoucEtOs
Untitled #1 By The Bear
Silver Threads & Golden Needles By Unknown
My Days By Eshta Nov. 15th 2002
Beauty of a Woman By Unknown
(Versus Added)
Chase the flying Dragon By Akasha
Circle Of One By Jag
Musings of the night By Talone
We are the Friends of Mud Lake By Unknown
Do Virgins Taste Better *** By Randy Farran Add Sept. 25th 2005
The Dragons Retort *** By Claire Stephens McMurray Add Sept. 25th 2005
We drink to the Great Gods of Old By Aura Moonshadowİ 2006 Add Oct. 24th 2006
Longing for Art By Keisha Bakerİ Add Nov. 12th 2006
Frances By Keisha Bakerİ Add Nov. 12th 2006
Ode to Manni By Keisha Bakerİ Add Nov. 12th 2006
Idunna Poem By Keisha Bakerİ Add Nov. 12th 2006
Sirene By Angelique Add Dec. 21, 2006
Statuesque By Alicia Cram 12/3/06 Add Dec. 26, 2006
Homage By Alicia Cram 7/15/06 Add Dec. 26, 2006
Coming Home By jmr 05/07/07 Add May 11, 2007

* Warning this Poem contains a Mature theme. Adults only read *
** These are my friend’s sites with all his/her poems. **
*** I heard a friend perform this and loved it. Now I found the words and the retort online. This is their site. See song page for music.