A Knights Love

by Jean-Marc AKA Pagan Owl

I saw a post between two freinds where they refered to each other as the king and queen. This story was on their blog.

"Sir John thinks to himself... "My heart belongs to the Queen but my loyalty belongs to the king.

What would the queen possibly see in me as I am a simple knight.

My hair is greying from worrying of others welfare. My heart beneath my breastplate been scared and broken from my love that cannot be returned. My harm tired of weilding the sword and my feet from walking into battle.

Maybe one day the love will be returned but for now I stand on the rampart guarding over both the king and the queen."

Part 2

The Knight, being torn apart between his love for the Queen and his loyalty for the king, decide that things cannot remain this way.

That night he gets his squire to prepare his battle horse. He gathers his personal effect and meets the young lad in the stables. After putting his effects in the saddle bags and sliding his sword into its sheath.

He mounts his trusty stead and slowly starts riding away from the place he had been considering home. He rides through the gates of that great wall which he had protected so faithfully.

Into the cold night he rides on. Only looking back once to take a final look at the castle and the tower, which he knows his love sleeps unaware of his feelings for her.

He knows his heart will remain behind with the Queen but deep inside he knows he must ride on. There are battles to fight and land to conquer.

He rides off into the night leaving only dust, his heart and memories in his wake.

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