The Bard's Room

Pagan Owl & Friends 2000-2006

You walk into a large room. The echoes from the people talking seems wonderful.

Lamps hanging from the walls dimly light the room. There are plush couches all over the room. A few tables are set up around the room. In the corner is a small stage with musical instruments on the sides and what seems to be a high table like a podium.

Some Poems, Rhymes and Quotes are in frames on the walls like the one below.

As I walk on this starry night.
Hopes and dreams always bright.
Fill my heart with joy and love.
Set me free to fly with doves.

Pagan Owl & Friends 2002

As someone climbs on the Stage a Silent Hush comes over the room. The master of Ceremony clears his voice and says... "Welcome to the Bard's Room."

"This is the room where we will share our Poems, Stories, Songs & Chants and anything else creative people decide to donate."

"If you would like to add to this evenings entertainment please step up."

A few people stepped up and the results are what you read in these pages (links).

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