Walk With Me

by Serina Magick, December 31st 2001

Free from harm you shall ever be
I give my spiritual strength,
from the depths of my heart and soul
For I am a piece of a star
That has journeyed down
from the farthest reaches of the universe
Ever searching for the other grains of my light
So I can again be whole and shine brightly
among the other souls who have attained the perfection
and fused to become one again with Her.
Walk beside me in my protective light
I shall nurture and unconditionally love you
Together we will shine brighter than before
Other worlds and other times the journey to find the pieces has been long.
This time seemed not so long.
Karma has finally come to my side
Praiseing me for what I have learned.
More lessons are to come I'm sure
But my pieces are becoming one
You are the one who travels beside me to help my light shine ever bright
Walk not just beside me,
But walk with me
For you are part of me

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