We drink to the Great Gods of Old

by Aura Moonshadowę

Bleeding heart, an autumn moon
Swooning over the sky...
The valkyries take flight
Taking the souls of those who die
At Odin's word
The decision is made
Who will live and die
When the swords are raised
All hail the Aesir!
All hail the Vanir!
The ancient deities of old!
My runes my guide
as my enemies hide.
May blood be spared
on this autumn wind
With Freya's Seidr guidance
Let my spirits heart mend
these foolish souls who rise against me.
Baneful words and a torch of no light
I rely this day on only Thors might
May Mjollnir protect me
From those who wish me harm.
Allow good energy to flourish
Like rains upon a farm.
Forgiveness is bliss
When revenge is needed.
Lest the magick wars begin
and the truth be heeded.
Great Odin hear my call
Sound the great horns of Asgard to my avail!
That I may be triumphant now and forever
as we are inspired by the great folk tales...
All hail the Aesir!
All hail the Vanir!
The Ancient Deities of Old!
Hear me my predators that have no remorse
Great Odin with Sleipnir his eight-legged horse
Will banish you to only climb
From the great depths of the vast muspellheim!
I will wait and drink to the great Gods
Who protect me from foe and fod!
My brethren sons of thunder..
My sister daughters of Odin...
Let us commence for great victory!

Aura Moonshadowę 2006

From her yahoo 360. Go to it by clicking HERE

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