Thanks Given

by Lee
To you gracious Lady,
I must dance, I must sing,
For on this day, I have seen
A most glorious thing.
I have seen many of your creations,
My Goddess of the night,
But naught could have prepared me
For this awesome sight.

Rising before me,
So round and so bright,
I found it within my reach
To my immense delight
So firm and so supple,
I just had to touch
But trembling within,
The anticipation was too much.

Should such a wondrous thing
Be seen by my eye?
For this was a sacred gift given,
I could not deny!
To touch and caress it,
Its beauty hypnotized me
I just reached out to grab it
Thinking, “so mote it be”

Not worrying about the future
Or what might come to pass,
At this moment, My Generous Lady
I thank you for Waine’s ass!!

. (an Ode to Waine’s ass)

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