Come Unto Me

by WillowMist

"Come unto me,
come unto me"
The distand voice called.
" Join me,
join me"
The distant voice echoed.
As the alouring sound of pipes,
misticly danced through the trees.
Bringing everything in their path alive,
with pleasure.
Soon those same melodies came unto me
And my body was taken over by the feeling of need.
"I need you",
I cried.
Come to me,
I pleaded.
Take away this aching feeling inside me.
Let me feel the pleasure too.
Without thought
I dropped my garments to the ground
And presented myself unto him
Willing and ready
I stood there.
Waiting, waiting
To be touched by pan.
My hands began to caress my body,
My souls passions began to esculate
As I longed to be visited by Pan.

I fell into a place
I had never been before
And there he stood
His manhood hard and waiting
to greet me.
My body feel onto the ground
and I spread to welcome him into me
And as he entered me,
I felt the very core of my sould explode
With joy,
Woth pleasure,
and with gratatude.
For nothing ever,
would or could replace,
the pleasure brought on by Pan.

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