My Days

by Eshta
“This is a feeling of a heart in love, but not shown the same from another that once love was. I share these feelings with many who know what it is to have had a love so true to lose it all at one time or another!!!!


My days are long, my days are full of pain.
I see my love in this house but held away time and again.

My days are full of sorrow, I fear for tomorrow.
What will be of my love and me, I question if we will again ever be.

My days of life showed such promise, in such a short time something went amiss.
Is this the end I wonder, will the love of two come together or just wander?

My days have had so many hard times, will I ever find the love of mine?
My days of a broken heart of a love so true, these days now show love that is blue.

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