We are the Friends of Mud Lake

"I got this poem from a school I was driving kids to. It is being reproduced here, with permission, for all to enjoy.

Pagan Owl"

If we are quiet we can hear…
Songs of Red-Winged Blackbirds
And of Chickadees,
Honking geese and buzzing bees.

If we are patient we can see…
Mother Mallard and her brood,
Busy beavers cutting trees,
Dragonflies, bright blue in colour,
Great Blue Heron standing tall.

If we are careful we can touch…
Frogs and toads and salamanders,
Bark and moss and fungus too,
Turtle shells and tiny tadpoles,
Waterstriders, snakes and such.

If we are quiet and patient and careful…
We truly are Mud Lakes Friends!

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