Chase the flying Dragon

by Akasha
“Another one I found sitting in my papers. I think I posted it on my other site can't remember. Anyway Tyler loves Dragons so this is a little story poem for him. For my son Tyler because every child needs a little Dragon Heart in their lives.

Akasha :)”

Chase the flying Dragon
Catch the wind at his tail
Magnificent iridescent colours
Flashing in sun's sweet glow
Sailing smoothly throughout the clouds
Powerful sound emerging from his magickal heart
Wings so wide create such a breeze
The trees bend on command
A lake below ripples and quivers
As Dragon sores overhead
Hot orange and red flames spew forth from his mouth
Mountains rumble in his wake
Where is Dragon going?
Could he be seeking safety for a beautiful Princess?
Could he be fleeing from a violent young Knight,
Wanting to take Dragon's heart for his own?
His speed and agility amaze my eyes
I run so not to lose sight of this majestic beast
In my plight I fall to the ground
My head meeting with stone
Blackness is all around it's quiet and still
My eyes open I feel warmth
I hear an even thumping sound much like a heart
I look around to realize I am cradled under a massive wing
The sound is a heart belonging to Dragon
His eyes look deep into my eyes
Suddenly I feel a strange feeling on my forehead
My fingers touch where I hit my head
Slowly the cut was healing and fading
Life is coming back to my body
Him he is healing me with his magick
Dragon looks tired but knows I am now well
He springs forward leaving me behind in the dust
An intense feeling of thankfulness’ beams from my soul

One day on a far away plain
On another level of being
We will cross paths yet again
I will offer my renewed spiritual energy
To Dragon as a show of appreciation

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