by Shelley TSivia Rabinovitch, April 1, 2007
After I finished this I realized it really was a very pagany poem. So I offer it to all of you for enjoyment. Wrote it to explain to a friend why I bought him a turquoise stone ring.


Shelley (Paganauthor)

Draw the blueness from the Arizona sky,
Snatch the blueness from a dancerís eyelids.
Trim the greenness from a summer field,
Pull the greenness from a malachite rock.

Trace the veining from a lionís heart,
Spin the veining of the spiderís art.
All this and more I weave for you
While conjuring the perfect hue.

Wake it with a springtime breath so light,
Form it with the summerís kiss so warm.
Bless it with the autumnís apple scent,
Seal it with the winterís silent sleep.

Conjure woman of tears and sweat
Dances silver into shape.
Conjure woman of laughter and protection
Dances turquoise into being.

Turquoise heartbeat,
Turquoise shield,
Turquoise token,
Turquoise talisman.

Why a ring?

© copyright 2007 Shelley TSivia Rabinovitch

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