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OK Lets see where to start? ummmmmmm Before people start asking me if that is me on the branch I am a Human Male.

A little about me. I was born on April 1st 1967 of a Very French Canadian Roman Catholic family.

Ottawa Ontario to be exact was my childhood home city.

I joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets when I was 14 and spent 5 years in Cadets. I then joined the Canadian Armed Forces (Army) for the next 13+ years.

I got married to a woman from New Jersey in 1999 and moved to Pa. Unfortunately my marriage did not work. I returned to Ottawa Ontario after staying in a Motel for 2 months trying to make things work between me and my wife. (Lost Cause)

When I returned to Ottawa I was invited to a Pagan Brunch. I had been invited to these multiple times before but had refused. This time I accepted.

I realized while I was sitting and discussing things that many of their beliefs where mine and that I felt loved, wanted and that I belong. Suddenly I felt at home.

I started this page to tell people how I feel and to share others opinions. There are a variety of opinions out there about Wicca, Pagan and Witchcraft. With my page I hope to educate, provide links and resources.

A good friend told me that if you want 5 descriptions of being Pagan ask 3 Pagans and she is correct. For this purpose I do not say anything is right or wrong on my pages but I leave that to each individual to decide.

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