Newmarket On.

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Merry meet from Lynn and Arnold at Witch Wear

Lynn and I would like to introduce our company "Witchwear" to you.

We are practicing pagans and professional costume designers, and we manufacture pagan custom clothing in Newmarket On.

At this time, we produce ritual or Sabbath gowns, medieval and renaissance style dresses, hand fasting gowns, robes and capes, childrenís gowns, menís gowns, decorated altar cloths, crystal and herb pouches, and rune bags, all with your choice of fabric, trim and style.

Feel free to contact us if you have something special in mind, or if you would like to see samples of our current creations.

E-Mail runesterfox@hotmail.com or mail to Unit #12 16715 Yonge St. Box 287 Newmarket On. L3X 1X4.

Lynn and Arnold