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WynterGreene revived under new publisher/editorship.

Thu, 09 Jan 2003 14:54:36 –0500
From: Raven

Hi folks,

This is a long one, but something I'm very excited about, so forgive me *lol*

Some of you might remember that in December, Scarlet said that she would no longer be able to continue publishing WynterGreene, meaning that Montreal would be losing it’s only print community newsletter. I found it sort of sad that a pagan community the size of Montreal would be without a community newsletter, so after a bit of soul-searching, and time-searching, I have decided to prime the presses and take on the publication myself.

While the newsletter will be keeping its name – WynterGreene – the first issue will be, in effect, a brand new incarnation and publication. Here is the “official” description:

“WynterGreene is a bilingual, not-for-profit newsletter, published eight times a year near the Sabbats, serving the greater Montreal pagan community.

WynterGreene publishes contributions from any and all pagan traditions, either as feature articles or as regular columns, with special emphasis on news and views from in and around Montreal. WynterGreene also offers free professional and pagan events listings, and also accepts paid advertising to help defray the costs of publication.

WynterGreene is available for $1- per issue. It is hoped that a mail subscription service will eventually be available. To find out the location of the distributor nearest you, or to inquire about submission guidelines or advertising rates please email: wyntergreene@yahoo.ca .

WynterGreene is always looking for submissions of articles, poetry, stories and artwork. If you have an idea, drop us a line.”

I’m expecting the “first” issue in its new format to hit stores around the end of January and will feature seasonal articles for Imbolc as well as local news and even a puzzle page.

Submission deadlines for contributions as well as event or professional listings are:

  • February 17th for Imbolc/Candlemas
  • February 28th for Ostara/Spring Equinox
  • April 4th for Beltane/May Day

    Submit submissions or ideas to: wyntergreene@yahoo.ca

    Right now, I am especially interested in French articles and submissions. I am also really interested in building up the professional and events listings, so if you have an event or group you’d like to publicize, or would like to list yourself professionally, please let me know at: wyntergreene@yahoo.ca

    A sample free listing will look like:
    Jo's Herbals: Homemade soaps and candles. Contact: …….

    The Garden Open New Moon Circle for Women: Meets near the new moons for ritual and discussion. Contact…..

    Whatever Grove: A small eclectic group of solitary practitioners in the ??? area, meeting regularly for coffee and conversation. Contact:….

    As far as advertising is concerned (boy this is getting long, isn’t it???)

    Paid advertising per issue is $1- for a business card size (1/8 page), up to $8- for a full page of advertising (basically pick your size of advertising it will cost $1- for each 1/8 page purchased), and $10 for the whole back cover of the issue. Paid advertising goes directly to help defray publication costs.

    Let’s see, what else…..

    Oh yeah… if you know of a store that might be interested in carrying WynterGreene, please let me know. Or if you know of a store that you would like to see carry WynterGreene, again let me know. The more places stocking the newsletter the more accessible it becomes to the community.

    Okay, now I’m done *lol*