Something's Cooking in the Coven??

POs Note: This is advice from Trish Telesco about abuse in Covens. This is from her Chat Group. I added a few under hers. Look for POs Note:

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:22:54
Subject: Re: [Folk Magic with Trish Telesco] Something's Cooking in the Coven??

Trish wrote:

After today's adventure I think it's wise to talk about how to choose a coven (if you want to work with a group). Unfortunately, we do have a lot of people who set up groups to feed their ego, not the community. So if you had a list of guidelines to give to others, what would they be? Here's a few of mine (warning: humor alert):

1. If anyone asks you to break a personal taboo or promise, run quickly away and check your ethics meter.

2. If anyone tells you that their tradition has been passed down through their family for thousands of years - run quickly and call a trained psychologist.

3. If anyone claims their version of magick is 100% fool proof - they're certifyable. Send them to Randi.

4. If you notice everyone kissing the HP/HPSS ring - don't just run, fly. It's the pope in drag.

My point is that group work requires a HUGE amount of cooperation and trust. It shouldn't be entered into quickly or without serious research. And if a group doesn't want you asking questions - you probably don't want to be part of them. There are no stupid questions other than those we DON'T ask because we feel silly.


PO Note:

I would like to add something to this also. This is a more serious one. If the HP(s) has a Mistress permanently beside their alter leave leave leave clawing your way out if you have to.


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