Who Are Pagans

I DO NOT belong to the group I have quoted in the lines below. I do believe tho that it represents very well who and/or what the Pagans and Wiccans are.

Pagan Owl

We are of The Old Religion, sired of time and born of the Earth Mother. For too long our people have traveled the stony, solitary path that goes only onward toward an endless, visible yet seemingly unreachable horizon of acceptance.

The Horned God Pan plays his pipes lonely and alone in an empty glade for his people are scattered in this barren age of gray and lifeless machines. The gentle winds carry His plaintive notes over deserted heaths and grassy plains, onto the sloping, verdant uplands and mountain groves.

Who knows still the ancient language of our Goddess, the Moon? Who yet is able to speak with Her and hear Her reply? The magics of the old Pagan gods have withered in the dragon's breath we call "scientific enlightenment." The old ways of magic have slipped into the depths of the dim past, and now only the standing stones remember what the Moon told us long ago and far away - the things we used to learn from the trees, the voices of the blowing grasses, the scents of the earth around us.

We are Pagans and we worship the Old Gods. Among our people there are some yet who speak with the Moon and dance with the Horned One in the forest. These are the Wicca, our clergy, the leaders in the Old Ways. Deep and often inscrutable, they are recognizable only by our own kind by the light in their eyes, the lilt of their voice, the love in their heart, the magic in their hands and their knowledge of themselves and of our realities. The Wicca are the teachers, the guardians of knowledge....

ATC Canada

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