*** Start Of Testimonial ***

"For the purposes of this document: the man in question will be referred to as ‘Michael’.

At the time of writing…

Pagan Club

  • Person A is a nineteen year-old female and the president of the Pagan Club
  • Person B is an eighteen year-old female
  • Person C is a seventeen year-old female
  • Person D is a nineteen year-old female
  • Person E is a twenty year-old female
  • Person F is a nineteen year-old female
  • Person G is a seventeen year-old female

Other Club
  • Persons H and I are female
  • Person L is male and considers himself pagan
  • Persons J and K are both female and members of both clubs, although they do not attend Pagan Club meetings.
  • Person P is a female who regularly attends Pagan Club meetings with person F

Miscellaneous Persons M and N are both female and attended a single Pagan Club meeting Person O is a female and a former student of the school. She is also the former president of the Pagan Club

It should be noted that not all quotations are direct quotes, but instead merely serve to give an idea of what was said.

(Month 1) 3rd:

    First Pagan Club meeting. Persons A, B, C, J, K, and M were in attendance as well as Michael.

    Michael arrived late. He mentioned that he was a High Priest and a teacher and that he followed the more traditional ‘Old Path’. He condemned ‘Fluffy Bunnies’ and all general ‘Paganism 101’ courses. He also spoke of pagan festivals that he had attended and the nudity there. Furthermore, he told us of how a student of his had stayed with him for some time when their parents did not approve of their chosen religion.

    It should be noted that Person M never returned to a Pagan Club meeting and Persons J and K did so only at the request of the club president. It should also be noted that from the moment he sat down Michael dominated the discussion and pulled attention away from the agenda of Person A (the club president) and that said person spoke to him after the meeting’s conclusion.

(Month 1) 10th:

    Second Pagan Club. Michael and Persons A, B, and C were in attendance.

    Michael spoke of his abilities as a healer, that he was an empath, but also a sending empathy; that he could effect people’s emotions. He spoke of each individual’s gift and that Persons A and C’s gift was also empathy and that he hadn’t pinned down Person B’s gift yet. He also stated that Persons A and B were Old Path, and that he hadn’t figured out Person C’s path yet. He offered to teach Persons A, B, and C, saying that he could only have three students at a time.

    It should be noted that Person A went up to his house after the meeting to perform a ritual.

(Month 1) 17th:

    Third Pagan Club meeting. Michael and Persons A, B, and C were in attendance.

    There was talk of planned activities for the semester. Michael told Person A (the club president) to delegate more.

(Month 1) 24th:

    Fourth Pagan Club meeting. Michael and Persons A, C, and N were in attendance. Persons H and I dropped in to discuss the clubroom shared by the other club and the Pagan club.

    Little got accomplished: it was mostly conversations between people in small groups. Michael spoke a lot to Person N and tried to pull Person C into his conversation with her. There was some talk of him making a cabinet to house the Pagan Club’s library. .

    It should be noted that Person N never returned to the Pagan Club meetings despite saying “I’ll be here every week now”.

(Month 2) 1st:

    Fifth Pagan Club meeting. Michael and Persons A-G as well as Persons L and O were in attendance.

    Michael gave a lecture on circle casting, but due to his wife leaving him between meetings 4 and 5 said he was in no fit state to cast one as a demonstration. Due to this fact he received many sympathetic hugs.

    Michael said to Person L that “as long as I’m the alpha male I have no problem with you being here. Remember who’s in charge.” Soon after he mentioned his , which was perceived by some to be said in a threatening manner.

    It should be noted that Person L never returned to the Pagan Club meetings and that Michael spoke to Person B regarding her hatred towards Person L. This was perceived by Person B to be said in a father figurely manner.

(Month 2) 6th:

    Sixth Pagan Club meeting. Persons A-G were in attendance as well as Person O. Michael was not in attendance.

    Person A gave a recap, as well as her own interpretation, on circle casting.

(Month 2) 15th:

    Seventh Pagan Club meeting. Michael and Persons A-G were in attendance.

    The topic for the meeting was supposed to be the Book of Shadows but conversation always turned to sexual topics and little actually got accomplished despite Person A trying to bring the conversation back to the subject at hand.

    Michael gave Persons B and F therapeutic massages and brought the book “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns”. He was seen slapping Person F’s butt more than once that evening and said to her “What do you care, you’re a sub” (sexually submissive) as well as other similar comments to her. Person C was not actively participating in the sex talk, despite Michael appearing to attempt to pull her into it.

    It should be noted that Persons A, B, and F went up to Michael’s house after the meeting.

(Month 2) 22nd:

    Eighth Pagan Club meeting. Michael and Persons A-G were in attendance as well as Person P.

    Michael said that some of Person A’s personal problems were due to her not delegating her presidential responsibilities. He quickly began talking about sexually-oriented things. He made mention of whips and floggers (often to Person F) and also said how he might take Person F up to a fetish club that Saturday should he have time.

(Month 2) 29th:

    First joint club meeting, following this there was the ninth Pagan Club meeting. All Pagan Club members were in attendance for the joint meeting as well as many ‘Other’ Club members. Persons A-G as well as Persons P, J, H, and I as well as a few guest speakers from the wider Pagan Community were in attendance for the Pagan Club meeting afterwards while Michael was not.

    The purpose of the joint club meeting was to establish ground rules for the club room in light of the preceding events which had led to the three-day closing of the club room and forced the presidents/vice-presidents of each club (Persons A, H, and I) to call a joint meeting to clear everything up.

    Michael interrupted occasionally during the first meeting making points about how (The director) from Student Activities could not kick a club out of its room “just like that” and that there had to be a process and higher authority in matters like these. This was perceived by some as counter-productive as fighting Student Activities on the matter was not the subject of the meeting.

    Michael left the meeting early to do other work. When informed of the second meeting afterwards he said he would try to make it if he wasn’t needed but failed to come in the end.

    The ninth Pagan Club meeting saw two guest speakers from the community speak to the club on issues such as etiquette, safe contacts in the community, and general safety.It should be noted that Persons J, H, and I left early and Person A left shortly after that. Also, it was observed by some that many of the club members had a lot of nervousness in them that night.

All subsequent official meetings were cancelled.

The following was written by Person C and is comprised of almost all encounters with Michael not in the club meetings. Little could be remembered of those that were omitted and were therefore excluded.

(Month 1) 5th:

    I met Michael at the coffee house during my hour-long break and told him that I was interested in becoming his student. He said if that was the case then I would become a neophyte and study with him for the traditional period of a year and a day. He also said how for many people this path wasn’t for them but I seemed to have done a lot of thinking over the weekend. When I informed him that I still had to talk to my parents about the matter he basically told me that in the long-run it didn’t matter whether or not they approved; I was old enough to make my own decisions. While this seemed like a good point, I was still very hesitant. He went on to tell how one of his students had stayed with him for awhile after their parents became intolerant and “burned all of their things”.

(Month 1) 10th:

    I met Michael in coffee house again and he talked more about his path and how at pagan festivals all of the ‘Old Path’ people find each other right away and sit around watching everybody else. I think that Person B joined us later because I seem to remember him telling us that our lessons would be once a week for a year and a day and we would both be welcome at his house any time.

(Month 1) 11th – (Month 1) 17th:

    I met him more in the coffee house and he often joined Person B and me for lunch in front of our locker. He spoke to us more about teaching, including the mention of sky clad rituals, and other vague information about what lessons would include.

(Month 1) 18th – (Month 1) 24th:

    I was still unsure of whether I should receive teaching from him against my parents’ wishes. During one of our talks at the coffee house he brought up the Great Rite and asked me what I thought it was. He seemed pleased with my answer and proceeded by asking me what turned me on and what type of things I enjoy sexually. I was very uncomfortable discussing the subject with him. To avoid it I wound up telling him that I was a virgin and he said he was surprised by that. I let him know that I was uncomfortable with the topic and he agreed to change it. A little while later, when he was walking me back to my locker he brought up my virginity again by saying that he had been in this situation only once before and that her opinion was that “It’s gotta go sometime!” better by someone who knows what they’re doing. He then asked me to write down everything that I would like to see in my neophyte-ing initiation. He also said that he was willing to work around it and “take it slower” because he saw himself being the closest to me out of Persons A, B, and myself and also because he “saw in you [me] the makings of a good High Priestess.”

(Month 1) 29th:

    I met with him in the coffee house because I was still very uncomfortable with all his talk of performing The Great Rite In Full (ritualized sex) and wanted to put any fear to rest. The topic of my initiation came up in our conversation again and when I told him I was nervous he said he would “break one of my (his) rules and tell me what he would like to happen.” This included, but was not limited to, a sacrifice for the Goddess, of which he thought an appropriate one would be my virginity. I told him I didn’t want that and that I wasn’t ready for that at all and he said he was willing to put off my initiation but that during our lessons he would use massotherapy to “get me used to his hands on me.” I felt there was a strong suggestion that he expected this to lead up to the initiation he had already planned and promptly dropped the subject of teaching with him. Although I never told him directly that I was no longer interested, I feel he figured that out when he stopped talking to me about it as well.

(Month 1) 30th – (Month 2) 21st:

    Due to my feeling uncomfortable I was avoiding him for the most part and as such only saw him briefly in places like the club room. I remember seeing him comforting Person A there one day. He continued to act very friendly towards me, massaging my neck, etc. I also remember him counseling a couple of another club's members regarding their relationship problems and he also spoke to Person B regarding her outburst at one of those club members (incidentally, Person L). He told them that “they need to do a lot of thinking.” Sometime in this period he also told me and others in the club room at the time how he had once been a paramedic and about all the date-rape drug cases he had seen.

(Month 2) 22nd:

    I had recently had a conversation with Persons A, D, and F (the day before I think) in which I heard some of their fears and worries about Michael, most specifically from Person A, who told us her version of what had happened when she went up to his house on September 10th. All of this had made me very wary of him. I believe he sensed this as he was consistently asking me what was wrong. I had received a poor mark on my math test that morning so I answered “Calculus”. I don’t think he necessarily believed me because he asked me 2-3 more times before stopping.

(Month 2) 23rd – (Month 2) 28th:

    The events in the club room (the closing of the club room for three days) had caused Michael to begin a search for whether or not a club could be kicked out of their club room. He told Person B and, probably on more than one occasion about how we could go about fighting this and mentioned “playing the religion card” to get a club room of our own.

    I do not recall any specific discussions with him after this."

*** End Of Testimonial ***


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