My First Festival

Like everything else, so far everything sort of fell together.

I had been attending the Pagan Brunch and Rituals at the Temple of the Sacred Grove for a while. One day I ran into Fenris at Brunch. He, like others had been practicing for a while. We became close friends very quickly. He had mentioned what it was like for him going to fest. He had attended a few and was about to attend Harvest Fest just outside of Toronto Ontario.

Finally organizing my finances I managed to attend Harvest Fest. From the time I started for the fest I felt the anticipation and energy building inside of me. Once on site I set up and almost immediately started to make new aquaintences and new friends. Of these there are some I have bonded for life like Akasha. (see her page on the main page.)

From opening Ritual I could feel amazing energy and power emmanating from this group. It was amazing feeling this good around mostly total strangers.

That night there was a fire burning, drums beating a rythm and I started dancing with the others around the fire. I believe that the drums and the fire have powers to heal and much, much more. This I will get into on another page.

At some point I lost my wallet. It was recovered and given back to me intact. Its amazing the feeling that I can trust these strangers with over $200 in my wallet and not have to worry.

If you doubt anything I say about the feeling of fest, attend one with an open heart and open mind and you will discover this for yourself.

Fests tend to change a lot. Dates, Cancellations, New Fests, Conventions etc. I found it easier to simply send people to PIC Canada (Pagan Information Centre (Canada)) and have them look at the "Links" section. A list of Festivals, Conventions, Gatherings, Retreats and so much more is on that page and I try to keep up to date. Overall it is alot easier to update the "Links" section that it is to modify the webpage on a regular basis.

August 29th 2005.

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