The Power of the Fire

The drums were beating in the background. The flames came up to meet me and we embraced for a time in a wonderful dance.

Together our spirits flowed up towards that clear sky. A million stars formed our ceiling and the moon smiled down upon us.

Its crackling and bursting adding to the drums. Its warmth enveloped me. Its light illuminated my path and its smoke cleased my body and soul.

Dance with me fire until late in the night. Light my path and clean my heart and soul.

Lost I am when I dance with you. I forget sorrow, regret and my heart is true.

Clear my mind of worries and lead me on a better path. Rejuvenate my spirit and burn the Thoughts that bind me.

Dance with me fire into the night. Let our spirits embrace till the morning light.

That is pretty much the way I think it went when I danced around the fire at Harvest Fest.

Pagan Owl.

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