The Eagle Feather

By Tom Porter 1992

When the world was new. The Creator made all the birds. He coloured their feathers like a bouquet of flowers. The Creator then gave each a distinct song to sing. The Creator instructed the birds to greet each new day with a chorus of their songs. Of all the birds, our Creator chose the Eagle to be the leader. The Eagle flies the highest and sees the furthest of all the creatures. The Eagle is the messenger to the Creator. During the Four Sacred Rituals we will wear an Eagle feather in our hair. To wear or to hold the Eagle feather causes our Creator to immediate notice. With the Eagle feather the Creator is honoured in the highest.

When one receives an Eagle Feather that person is being acknowledged with gratitude, with love, and with ultimate respect. That feather must have sacred tobacco burnt for it. In this way the Eagle and the Creator are notified of the name of the new Eagle feather Holder. The holder of the Eagle feather must ensure that anything that changes the natural state of one's mind (Alcohol and Drugs) must never come in contact with the sacred Eagles Feather. The keeper of the feather will make a little home where the feather will be kept. The Eagle feather must be fed. You feed the Eagle Feather by holding or wearing the feather at sacred ceremonies. By doing this the eagle feather is recharged with sacred energy.

Never abuse, never disrespect, and never contaminate your Eagle feather. Only real human men and women carry Eagle feather. The Mohawk man will have three Eagle Feathers standing straight up on his Kahstowa (feathered hat). This is what I know about the sacred Eagle Feather.

Eh folks this is part of what I received from my friend which spent some time inside. He became part of the native brotherhood and received some material from them. He was kind enough to make me a copy. I will be posting more of the information I received. Please share any you may have as I am very interested in expanding my knowledge.

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