The Owl Meditation

by Pagan Owl

Do NOT do this when you are tired because sleep will find you very quickly. Trust me, I use it when I am tired and bothered with thoughts and also as a sleeping aid. Then I do not travel to look for things but simply for the pleasure of flying.

Go in a room where you will not be disturbed. Disconnect the phone, gag the kids and make sure that nothing can disturb you.

Light a candle and incense if you wish. Make sure that the room is ventilated so the incense will not give you a headache.

At this point lay down and start relaxing. Start with your finger tips and toes and move slowly up your legs and arms. Relax your back and feel every muscle relax from your toes to your head.

Imagine yourself on a cloudless night standing on the edge of a cliff. The full moon shines above you and you can see millions of stars in the sky.

There is a small well beside you. Take all your problems including people that may interrupt your thoughts and put them in the well. If they try to come out of there then put a lid on it with a lock. You can return later and let them out if you wish.

The moon rays touch your skin and it begins to tingle. You look down at your arms and see that they are glowing softly with light.

Slowly you notice changes to your arms as your fingers slowly get longer and you notice them changing into points on which feathers start growing. Slowly your arms change into wings.

You look down and notice that your waist line is gone and instead you have a round chest mounted on sturdy legs.

If you look down at your feet you notice that instead of your feet you now have sharp talons on sturdy thick legs.

You notice that everything you look at seems clearer. You notice a movement in the distance. Focusing you notice thats it's a mouse scurrying along the ground into a hole. You realize that this isquite a distance away.

Slowly, Tentatively spread your wings out. Feel the strength in them and their shape. Spread them out. Feel them support you.

Don't be afraid, know that the wings will support you. Know that the Goddess hand is held out and protects you. When you are ready step off the cliff and glide in the midnight air.

Test the wings and wind. Feel the wind gliding over the wing sending air down and making you fly. Make great big circles around. Look below and feel the air hiting your face gently. Then fly up using the updrafts to an incredible height and look all around you.

Now the journey is yours to take. Take your time and fly around. Use the Owls eyes to see into the distance, past and future. If you see anything that stands out, note them in your mind and when you return from your journey mark them down.

When you are ready to return, simply land anywhere you find purchase. Let the moon glow massage your skin until it returns to its normal shape. Thank the goddess for helping you on this journey. Thank the moon for its power and thank the owl for letting you use its form and talents to see what you needed to see. Then close your eyes and slowly open them. You find yourself back in the room.

Don't stand yet. Slowly move your fingers and toes and get the circulation back in them. Slowly move your hands and feet and repeat the process until you feel your entire body again.

When you feel confortable enough to do so, sit up then stand and write down what you saw quietly please. Once you have done so please leave the room and others with their thoughts if you are in a room of other meditators. You may talk outside.

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