Book Index Cards

Pagan, Wicca 1 Plants, Herbs and Healing 5
Men in the Crafts 5 Native American, Aboriginal 0
Shamanism 3 Gypsie (Roma), Fortune Telling 0
My Words 3 Asatru (AKA Norse/Vicking) 116

Don't step on the Dragon as you enter this room. (Itís my castle and I will have a dragon guarding the books if I want to!! Besides it helps my friends remember to return books they borrowed. P.O.)

As you enter this high ceiling room you notice it is well lit. There are book shelves from floor to ceiling covering the entire length of two long walls.

On the third there are stacks of books on a cart. From the condition of these books you can tell they are new. If you have read a good book lately please let me know so I can ad it to the pile I have there which will be cataloged and put in the collection. Also against this wall are a few desks with lamps where people can read and write.

On the fourth wall is 2 Large floor to ceiling Bay Windows with padding and cushions where people can get comfortable to read using the natural light coming in from the outside.

In the center of the room there is a large table with four chairs and lamps for reading. There are a few books on this table. Some of them open and ready to be read.

Grab a book and sit yourself in a chair or sit in the Bay Window. Read and relax for a while in this very quiet and relaxing room.

My Castle Home