Remember some of these I have tried on myself and others I have not. These are suggestions and should not be used without consulting a Physician. I or any other person which have entered these here or suggested them are NOT and will NOT be responsible for any ill effect these may have on you. Sorry Folks C.M.A. on this one.

  • Burns
  • * On light burns you can use vinegar poured on or as a tamponade for strong burns that hurts the skin the people in India use pure, cleaned cotton, burnt to ashes and mixed with olive oil. It will take the pain and prevent building of scars.
    If you're familiar with homoeopathy, the following remedies can be used. light burns from red to blisters: Cantharis 30M or Causticum 30M heavier burns with a lot of pain and restlessness: Arsenicum Album 30M or 200M one dose of 3 Globuli/1 tab/3 drops taken in a glass of water, sipping only one gulp at a time every half an hour until the pain stops. After that stop taking the remedy.
    By Sabine from Germany

    * I immediately put both Tea Tree and lavender essential oil on everything. Waited a day or so, then began to put the Emu on with the essential oils.... I had blisters running up & down both sides of my fingers.....and I came away with no marks.
    Sent by Unknown

    * I can vouch for the Tea Tree and lavender essential oils -- I use the same blend, except I add helicrysum, too (and I mix it in FES' Self Heal cream to apply). I had terrible (3rd degree) burns on my fingers in early July that show no trace today.
    Sent by Linda

    * Aloe Vera is a natural herb plant that I use for burns ... have for years ... even second degree blistered ones!!! The plant is available at most garden centers or greenhouses and costs very little. All you do is snip off a few inches of a leaf and squeeze the greenish gel onto the burn area. Apply every 15 to 30 minutes for a few hours the first day. Sometimes, for large areas, I trim off the spikey edges with scissors or a sharp paring knife and then split the leaf and dab it gently on the burned area. The injured area will take on a greenish cast that will rinse off easily later. If Aloe Vera worked on my entire hand when I lost my balance and grabbed the hot manifold of a lawn mower to break the fall (and ended up with HUGE watery blisters within seconds all over my palm and fingers) it should work on most burns. I applied Aloe Vera gel every 30 minutes for 3 hours before I went to bed. By morning of the next day, the blisters were flat. Within a few days there was absolutely no pain. The blisters were reabsorbed and never peeled. Check it out!!!
    Sent by Jean R-C

    * We use calendula gel for burns - it's homeopathic... For sunburn, believe it or not, I use hot water (hot as I can tolerate) - same principle - like cures like.
    Sent by Jan

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