Remember some of these I have tried on myself and others I have not. These are suggestions and should not be used without consulting a Physician. I or any other person which have entered these here or suggested them are NOT and will NOT be responsible for any ill effect these may have on you. Sorry Folks C.M.A. on this one.

  • Chicken Pox
    1. I would take about 2 cups of regular old oatmeal and put it through the blender until it is basically powder. Run a nice, warm bath and sprinkle the oat powder into the water, kinda stirring it to dissolve it. Have him soak in it for a while (keep a watch on the temperature, especially if he has a fever, not too hot, and not cold, either)...

      I have heard that vitamin C, if dissolved in water and applied to the skin, will also ease the discomfort.
      By René
    2. The way I would do this is to put the oatmeal into a cloth bag and tie it under the tap (faucet in American) so that the water runs in over it. Bicarbonate of soda is also very good for relieving itching. My kids had lavender bath bombs when they had chickenpox and they found it really soothing.
      By LynneM
    3. I gave him Piriton and used Aqueous Calamine cream to help with the itching. He also had Calpol to keep his temperature down. I would go with the suggestion someone else gave and put the oatmeal in an old stocking (clean :))) and hang it from the tap. Tea tree oil and/or lavender in the bath are also good.
      By Lillie
    4. Piriton is an anti-hystamine. You can buy it in syrup form for kids or as tablets for adults. Calamine can either be bought as a lotion or as aqueous cream. The cream would probably be better as the lotion dries to a powder and gets everywhere! You should be able to buy these in a normal pharmacy. This might be in the UK only. Not sure about elsewhere.
      Send by LynneM
    5. More to come

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