Why women live longer than men

The following photos show conclusively why it is that women tend to live longer than men.

#7 ("Jackstands? Hah! Who needs 'em?")

#6 (Necessity is the mother of invention...)

#5 ("And to think... those wimps at the power company use straps and cleats to get up this high!")

#4 (I'm sure this guy still wonders why he got fired that day.)

#3 ("Gee, guys... that seems like an awful lot of protective gear for such a small chlorine gas leak...")

#2 Step 1 : Remove shoes.
Step 2: Place metal ladder in water.
Step 3 : Begin using power tools while standing barefoot on metal ladder in water.

And the winner is...

(How drunk do you have to be before this starts looking like a good idea?)

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