I Killed Santa

I have the obligation of telling all of you of the Death of Old St-Nickolas.

At Aproximately 4am PST (Pagan Standard Time) while driving my Chariot (1988 Dynasty) delivering my Daily Dispatches (NewsPapers) I had the displeasure of Running over Old St-Nickolas (Large Plastic Santa Clause).

The events occured when winds gusting over 100 kph (Seriously I was surprised I did not blow away.) blew Garbage Cans, Mail Boxes and Old St-Nick into the path of my Chariot (Dynasty). Due to the Riding conditions the Horses Hooves (Damn Tires) could not get a grip on the Stone Roadway (OK it was paved but still slippery.)

Old St-Nickolas will not be returning to this home as he did not survive the hooves over his body. (I rolled over him.). He will be buried today but will not be missed due to the fact that he his the biggest corps around.


(Sorry folks after running over Santa this morning I could not stop laughing and the thought above came to mind. I am still laughing as I write this.)

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