Dreaming of Wolves


A few months ago I dreamed I was walking down a wilderness trail that curved slightly to the right. I could not see where this path was leading me because the destination was out of site obscured by trees and bushes.

There were wolves on the left and right of me on the path. These wolves were sitting, standing and laying down. Walking with me down this trail where other wolves.

I had wolves in my dreams when I was younger but these were simply terrifying. In this case I felt very calm and relaxed. I felt that these 4 legged friends where there to guide and direct me towards a goal I had to attain.

A Native Elder Shaman has told me that I have a new Totem in my life and that I should pay specific attention to wolves in any future dreams.

I will pay attention to wolves very carefully from now on and listen for the messages and lessons that they are teaching me.