Vision of the Judges

September 2002

I was waiting for the kids to be out of school. I had about 5 minutes to wait and decided to relax.

I was instantly transported to my Snowy Owl’s form. I was flying around until I spotted a clearing with light smoke rising from within.

I hovered in a circle around the clearing. I noticed there was a small fire with 3 people standing on one side of it. I landed on the opposite side of it and regained my human form.

Before me was an Elder Native Woman, in full garb, in the center. On the right (my left) of her was a woman I know named Ivy. On the left (my right) was Rick. These two people I know and respect from the Pagan Community.

I caught my breath in wonder and before I had a chance to speak Ivy asked the first question.

Ivy: “Are you ready for the responsibilities that is being given to you.”
I answered “YES”

Rick asked the next question “Are you mature enough to accept the responsibilities that of having children in your care?”
I answered, “Yes”.

Lady Ivy then asked. “Are you mentally stable enough for the responsibilities that have been given to you?”
Once again I answered, “Yes”.

These are the only three questions I can remember clearly. I know there were more. In every case when I answered the Elder Lady just nodded her head.

Please keep in mind folks that this occurred in a few minutes. (5 Max) and it left me a bit on edge for a few days.

I asked Rick to stay out of my projections with a chuckle. I explained to him the vision and asked if he had ever had misgivings about my stability and being able to carry out any of my duties. He answered “No” and asked what time this occurred. I told him and he mentioned he was hard at work at the time and I had never entered his mind at the time.

I will have to ask Ivy if she had any misgivings about me. It’s interesting but this short Vision as left me a bit uneasy since then. I have no fear that I am ready for the responsibility of the tasks at hand.

In my head I have been judged by people I respect in the community and seemed to have past the test. At least I hope so.

Just for the record and as a sideline. I was driving for the school board for special needs kids. In October 2002 on a Sunday and on my own time I was involved in a vehicle accident totaling the van I was driving and causing damage to the other vehicle. No one was injured which I am happy about. Unfortunately my boss decided to keep the insurance on the van and all the money I had deposited on it. I had to leave this job. I really did care for the kids greatly and wish it could have been different. I hope the kids found a driver that cares for their well being as much as I did.

Lady Ivy's Response:

"I think the vision is referring to what are doing now, in the community and with yourself. I truly am honoured that your mind pulled me as one of your judicial board!"

Jeff's words of Wisdom:

"The way I see it that is when you started realizing your role and what you needed to do for the community."