My Bedroom

You enter this room. There is a large 4 post Canopy Bed in the middle of the room. The bed his huge with a black silk sheet covering it. And comfy pillows.

There are two dressers against the wall. One as a chair and a Vanity Mirror. The other is a stand up dresser with some trinkets on top.

A Dream Catcher hangs from the ceiling by a rope. Some candles are lit around the room in different location.

Two night tables, with lamps, are on either side of the bed. . On one table is a note bad, pen and a book on dreams.

To read my interpretation of my dreams you will have to wait because I have not started putting them down yet.

To know what else goes on in my bedroom you will have to use your imagination because I am not Telling. :-))).

Dream TitleDream Title
Dreaming of Wolves Vision of the Judges

My Castle Home